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As part of the professional training, hypnotherapy is received as well as given.  I studied for both the Certificate and the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy at The Clinical Hypnosis Institute (inc Kent College of Hypnotherapy) Other specialised courses have included such topics as Rebirthing , Fears & Phobias and Beyond Somnabulism  In 2012 I further received my Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

Therapies I have used for my personal journey

To resolve my own personal issues and to aid my own personal and spiritual journey, I have used many therapeutic tools over several years which have included private psychotherapy and counsellingpsychodrama and drama workshops (at The City Lit, The Open Centre and London University, Dorking AEI) floatation tank – sometimes known as “Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy” (REST) – (I would recommend the delights and serious benefits of this relaxing therapy which started to be commercially popular in the 1980s), hypnotherapy, Spiritual and Angel Healing and other healing in a variety of disciplines.  I have also practised Spiritual Yoga.

Some  years before training to be a hypnotherapist, I sought hypnotherapy when I  had some issues which I could “budge” in no other way.  I discovered that I might need 2 sessions and then not again for about 5 years.  I could also then use the self-hypnosis I was taught and it is a technique we can all use, once understood, to help modify a range of behaviour patterns eg changing dietary habits and to explore a range of issues at a deeper level.


Since the mid-60s I have worked intermittently as a PA/secretary.  From the mid 1970s to the 1990s I worked intermittently as a Secondary Schoolteacher, a Public Examiner, a College Teacher and as a  Teacher of English as a Foreign language.  My working life has also taken me into Internal Audit work, Shop work, Houseparenting in a  children’s home, and into Hypnotherapy and Healing.

As a PA/Secretary I have worked with almost all professions  – in hospitals with doctors (including psychiatry) and medical social workers, educational establishments, various charities, the Law Courts in London, the Treasury Solicitor, with scientists, surveyors, architects and property developers; in insurance,  banking, telecommunications and so much more – including factories [from freeze dried coffee to aerospace components].

Working with teenagers in Bath, Argyll and Surrey over the course of about 10 years as a Schoolteacher, I enjoyed exploring the delights of literature and writing – and self-expression.  Because of my love of amateur dramatics,  I also directed LochgilpheadSchool’s first public production in years.  The pupils subsequently wrote their own pantomime which I directed and this was followed by our putting in an entry into the well established Argyll  Drama Festival.  Returning  South in the late 1970s I co-produced  dramatic productions with another Schoolteacher in Dorking and we additionally provided some entertainment productions for the elderly.

Before training to be a Schoolteacher, I worked in a children’s home in Oxford; did internal audit at Oxfam, helped the elderly when I was a University student and worked with The Stepney Old People’s Welfare Trust and did other voluntary work.

From a very young age (my father regularly brought overseas students to our home) I have mixed with a wide range of cultures and have socialised and worked very recently in a healing centre with people from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.

I have frequented hospitals since the early 60s – visiting friends, relatives and acquaintances with serious or terminal illnesses.  Bereavements changed many of my life perceptions and led me to the understanding that we are helped and guided by a greater power than ourselves.


Having worked as a healing channel and given Spiritual Healing over many years,  I wanted to develop this further and so worked for my Practitioner’s Certificate in Angel Harmonic Healing.  Since working consciously with the Angels, I have felt the benefit of guidance myself in order to help clients explore their own issues. The results have shown that they achieve positive and life-affirming approaches to their lives in ways they would never have thought possible.  Always clients feel more positive that resolution of issues is possible – and sometimes they feel great resolution during the session itself – as a result of the calming influence of the deep and non-judgmental approach of hypnotherapy.

Formerly a Licentiate Member and then a full member of the Hypnotherapy Association, I am now freelance.

Hypnotherapy is one of the oldest therapies in the world – no wonder it has lasted!  Our wise unconscious is just waiting for us to be ready to unlock its secrets!

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